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P1 Parents-Principal Breakfast Meeting

As a follow-up to the P1 Parents-Principal-Breakfast-Meeting held on 11 March 2016, please refer to the following for our response to the areas that were highlighted in the feedback provided during the meeting.








How are Mother Tongue lessons conducted?  

Teaching of the Mother Tongue Languages follows the MOE syllabi closely.  There is a greater emphasis on the oral and written communication skills delivered via authentic experiences.  The content is based on real life context which helps pupils to relate better. Class activities include big book reading, dramatisation, teacher-led discussions and group work. 

Can there be more Chinese enrichment programmes? Can we have the Chinese Star Programme?

The Primary 1 pupils will attend Chinese calligraphy lessons.  The Chinese Star Programme is discontinued due to the change in the Mother Tongue Syllabus.  We will continue to source for suitable enrichment programmes for our pupils.  


What do the students not taking Mother Tongue languages (MTL) do during MTL lessons?

Pupils not taking the Mother Tongue languages will stay behind in their form classes to do self-revision under the supervision of the MTL teacher


What kind of learning support or enrichment is provided to pupils?  Can the school provide more academic support programmes?

To better support the lower primary pupils in their learning, we currently run the following programmes – Learning Support in English (LSP), STELLAR Supplementary Programme (SSP), Learning Support in Math (LSM) and Improving Confidence And Numeracy (ICAN).    


Can we have more teaching on moral education?

We have values inculcation through Character and Citizenship Education lessons, Form Teachers Guidance Period (FTGP), Connect Time, Values-in-action (VIA) activities and assembly programmes.  Where possible, teachers also guide pupils in the learning of life skills during teachable moments in class. 


Can the school improve the motivation levels of the pupils?   

Form Teachers’ Guidance Periods are carried out to teach pupils to better manage themselves.  We also have school based awards such as Model Pupil of the Term, Model Class awards to encourage and motivate pupils.  Individually, teachers motivate them through class reward system. Our goal is to nurture pupils to have their own self-motivation to learn rather than to depend on extrinsic factors.


Are there excursions or learning journeys for the pupils? Can we have more outdoor learning activities?

Learning Journeys are planned to provide a broad range of learning experiences for our pupils to extend their learning beyond the classroom.  In Semester 1, Primary 1 pupils went to Pizza Hut Kitchen where they learnt about shapes and explored the theme of food preparation which is thematically linked to their STELLAR Big book ‘The Hungry Giant’.   More learning journeys have been planned for Semester 2. 


Can the school list down the things that can be kept in the bag and school lockers?  Can the school review the timetable so that school bag is not too heavy?  

Subject teachers will inform pupils of the items to be brought to school and those that can be kept in their school lockers. The school puts in place processes to review the timetable every semester.  Teachers will monitor and conduct periodic bag checks to ensure pupils’ school bags are not too heavy.  


Can the timetable be given during orientation? Can the school inform parents of timetable before the start of school?

As school deployment plans can only be finalised in the later part of the year due to staff movement, timetable for the next academic year can only be given out in January.   


Will the form teacher be different every year?

There is a possibility that the form teacher may be different due to changes in staff movements and other factors.  However, the school looks into the interest of the students and deploys the best teachers into the respective classes and grades.


Are the pupils allowed to borrow library books for weekends?

Yes, they can borrow books from the school library during recess and after curriculum time. 


Can the school provide more opportunities for pupils to attend the movie screening at the library?

To ensure effective facilitation of the discussions and activities after the screening of movies, each session is capped at 80 participants.  A rerun for more popular sessions can be arranged depending on the response.



Why is there not much homework for the Primary 1 pupils?

To smoothen transition into primary school and nurture pupils holistically, the school seeks to ensure pupils’ wellbeing and development by not overloading pupils with too many homework assignments when they are in Primary 1.


Can teachers get the pupils to write their homework in their pupils’ diary?

Subject teachers will list down the homework on the whiteboard and time is given for pupils to copy them into their diaries. We hope to instill in them the value of responsibility so that they will develop a lifelong habit over time. 



What is assessment like for the Primary 1 pupils?

Bite-sized form of assessment is carried out for the lower primary pupils.  For Math, we have performance tasks and journal writing.  For English, there is poetry recitation.  Written tests are also used to assess learning.  To facilitate their transition into the primary schools, there is no weighted assessment in Term 1.  Detailed assessment information is communicated to parents on a termly basis.


How are pupils’ performance tracked?  

Holistic report cards and result slips are issued and pupil’s progress and development is discussed with parents during parent-teacher-meetings.



Is there CCA for Primary 1 pupils? Can we have more CCAs?

For the Primary 1 pupils, a customised programme – the Modular CCAs is conducted during curriculum time on Fridays.  This programme provides a broad based experience for our pupils as they explore and develop their interests through the variety of modules offered over their six years of education in Xingnan.  The Primary 1 pupils will complete 4 modules – Puppetry, Cup-stacking, Skipping and Sudoku in the course of the year. 

After- school CCAs will start only when pupils are in the middle primary.  We currently have 18 CCAs, ranging from sports, performing arts and clubs and societies to cater to the different interests of our pupils.  We will continue to explore suitable CCAs that meet the varied interests of our pupils.    


Can the school consider swimming programme for all levels as Modular CCA?

With age and height considerations and the recommendations of safety guidelines, the swimming programme is more appropriate for Primary 3 pupils.  At this age, they will also be able to handle independent showering/cleaning up and changing. 


Can parents be informed of when PE attire is to be worn?   

The Primary 1 pupils wear PE attire on days when they have PE lessons, Mass Exercises, PAL lessons and Modular CCAs.  Class timetable shows which days the above activities take place.  Girls need to change and wear skirts over their PE shorts after these lessons.


Are the pupils allowed to borrow sports equipment during recess?

Yes, except during the exam week when the booth is closed.



Can we have more variety of food stalls with more nutritious choices? The canteen queue is long.  

The school canteen provides balanced set meals for the pupils.  The set meals are prepared with ingredients that are labelled with the healthier choice symbol and each vendor will vary the fruits provided in each set meal.  Since Term 2, the school has added 2 more stalls to manage the long queues.    


Can recess timing be extended? 

We have in total 3 recesses (30 min each) to cater to the 6 levels of pupils in the school (from 9.30am-11am).  We have ensured that there are sufficient stalls for pupils to buy their food and consume them within the time provided. Extending the timing for each recess may mean that pupils will end their school day later.


Can pupils who are staying back for supplementary programmes be given sufficient time to eat before they start their lessons?

Teachers conducting these programmes will ensure that pupils staying back for supplementary and enrichment programmes are given sufficient time to take their lunch before they proceed for lessons.       


Can teachers encourage and provide more opportunities for pupils to drink more water? 

Physical Education and Health Education teachers share with pupils on the importance of drinking water.  Pupils are encouraged to keep themselves hydrated by refilling their water bottles during recess and lunch break.  Should pupils need to drink water or take a toilet break, they can seek teacher’s permission anytime.  However, pupils should make use of their recess and lunch breaks to visit the toilet.


Can temperature of pupils be taken daily before assembly?

MOE has a set of Standard Operating Procedures for temperature taking to be conducted in classrooms.  Parents are advised to carry out physical checks on their children before sending them to school.  In the event your child is unwell, do immediately seek medical attention and allow your child to rest at home.   


Is it compulsory for pupils to attend school camps?  How long is the duration?

The 3 days 2 nights Primary 5 camp aims to provide an outdoor learning experience for pupils and it is a chance for them to put life skills such as building relationships and time management into practice.  We strongly encourage all pupils to attend the camp, which will be one of the highlights of their primary school years. All pupils are strongly encouraged to attend the camp unless they have certified medical conditions.



Can the bookshop stop selling fancy stationery?

The bookshop provides a service to the school to sell textbooks, workbooks and stationery to the pupils. W e will monitor what the bookshop sells and continue to educate our pupils to ensure that they do not waste their pocket money on unnecessary stationery. 


Can the bookshop be open on weekends? Can we have flexible timing for purchase of uniforms?

The bookshop is open on Mondays to Fridays, from 8.00 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.  The uniform vendor comes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.   As the school functions on a five-day work week, the school bookshop and uniform vendor are not open on Saturdays. 



Can the school improve communications between teachers and parents and provide more updates? Can we have more feedback on child’s development?  How can parents inform teachers of child’s absence from school?  Can we communicate with teachers via sms or whatsapp?

Since the start of Term 2, the SNAC system has replaced paper notifications.  This is our primary mode of communication with parents and it allows us to provide updated information on school activities and termly assessments.  Parents can also communicate with subject teachers via the pupils' diary or through email.  Parent-Teacher-Meetings (PTM) are held twice a year, in May and November.  Parents can arrange to meet the teachers when there’s a need.  For parents who need to inform school of the absence of your children, you can sms to iWall at 9828 5617 or call 6791 3679 to speak with our office staff or leave a message for your child’s teacher.



Can we start school later as reporting to school too early may affect child’s health and development due to a lack of sleep? 

The results of the parent survey carried out in 2014 showed that majority of the parents chose 7.30 a.m. as the preferred starting time for the school.  Moreover, many parents appreciate the 7.30 a.m. start as they need to make their way to work which may not be near to Jurong.



What is the frequency of mosquito fumigation?

Fogging is carried out once a month by MOE-approved pest control vendors. 



The school bus transport is not punctual.

The school conducts regular reviews of the service our bus vendor provides and we will work with them to ensure that they meet the service standards.


Can the school provide opportunities for parents to see what is going on in the school and if my child is doing well in class?  Can we have two days of Primary 1 parents’ visitation during the start of academic year?

The school will study this proposal for possible implementation in the future.