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School Crest, School Motto and School Song

School Crest

sch_crest.jpgThe school crest was designed by Miss Peng Huijun, a former pupil, in1988. The crest was designed to link Xingnan’s past with the future.The four red petals symbolize the four official languages taught in theschool. The torch is the symbol of the old school. It signifiesknowledge and enlightenment. The diamond outline which resembles amortar board kindles in the young mind the thought of tertiaryeducation. In 2006, to reflect the change in the primary educationsystem from an 8 year course to a 6 year course, the crest wasredesigned to include 6 bands, each indicating a year of study inprimary school.  The phrase “Established 1932” was also included toremind all Xingnanians of our historyand how far we have come.

School Motto

The endeavour,hard workand achievement of every Xingnanian will not
only benefit himself but also his country and his school.
He is proud of both and it is his aspiration to serve them.

School Song

Once a little village school it was but today an ultra-modern school
And we have the best facilities in Xingnan Primary School.

We will strive to always do our best in our studies and the CCAs
To be useful,loyal citizens and to love our Singapore.

We are proud of Xingnan Primary School and we're proud of our teachers too. We'll hold our heads up high, for country and for school.