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Welcome note from the Principal


Dear Parents/Guardians

Welcome back to school.

This year, 2019, marks 200 years of history for Singapore as we commemorate the nation’s bicentennial milestone of Sir Stamford Raffles’ arrival in Singapore in 1819. It is a time for Singaporeans to reflect on how we have evolved from a place with a geographically strategic location, to a people with a unique deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). We will look back on Singapore’s formative years, some 500 years before 1819, travelling back to the 14th century. There will be many exciting events and programmes planned to commemorate this milestone.

Xingnan Primary School has an equally long history and a rich heritage, since it was established in 1932. We are proud of our achievements over the years and we appreciate the hard work and efforts of all those who have contributed to these successes.

At Xingnan, we believe that all children are curious, active and competent learners. They can learn almost anything with the right support and environment. Our focus as educators is to curate quality learning experiences for our children. Even as we strive for academic excellence, we want our Xingnanians to have fun and enjoy their leaning. We want to provide them with opportunities for holistic development and nurture the whole child for lifelong learning. These include Programme for Active Learning (PAL), Modular CCA (MoCCA) activities, Learning Journeys (LJs) and overseas exchange programmes.

We aim to provide a vibrant environment that nurtures minds and builds character. Our vision is for every Xingnanian to be ‘A Self-Directed Learner, A Gracious Citizen’. We want every pupil to be well-anchored in our core values of creativity, loyalty, empathy, respect and responsibility. Throughout their 6 years in Xingnan, our pupils will experience our unique school-based X³ Learning Years Programme (eXcite, eXplore and eXtend) to prepare them to be future ready.

We are grateful for the strong support, commitment and dedication given by our stakeholders and partners, especially our School Advisory Committee (SAC), Alumni Association, Parent Support Group (PSG), parents and families. We will continue to forge meaningful partnerships to bring out the best in every child as we believe that every child is of worth and can learn!

Mr Charles Chan