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Annual W3 Cluster Numero Challenge 2015

16 of our P4 pupils took part in the Annual W3 Cluster Numero Challenge 2015, on 22 July 2015 at Frontier Primary School. The pupils were selected during our (internal) P4 Numero challenge at the end of Term 2. They have since been training to prepare themselves. The pupils comprise of a balanced representation from the various P4 classes.

The event began with pupils teamed up in pairs playing against other teams from the W3 Cluster schools. The top four teams will be chose to advance to the Semi-Finals. One of the duo (Jason Tok of 4B and Santosh Raj of 4C) persevered and advanced to the finals, with outstanding performance during the 3 preliminary rounds. They managed to beat their opponent from Jurong West Primary and secured placing to get into the finals.

It was a stiff competition between Xingnan Primary and Frontier Primary. Our boys emerge as First Runner-up. Nevertheless, they have displayed their fighting spirit and did us proud.