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National i-Trail Challenge (NiTC) 2014/15

The inaugural National i-Trail Challenge (NiTC) was organized and spearheaded by Crescent Girls School, in 2012. It aimed at students from Primary 4 upwards in groups of 3 to 5. They were challenged to use a simple web-based learning trail design application to create digital learning trails about Singapore.

Organized around a different overarching theme each year, the long-term vision for the NiTC was to build a repository of quality trails created by our youths about Singapore. In conjunction with our SG50 celebrations in 2015, NiTC2014/15 is the culmination of the NiTC vision. Hence, the overarching theme for this ultimate event is “Many Footprints, One Singapore – Our Singapore”. Organized on a much larger scale and with the intent of bringing together all that makes Singapore what we are today, the organizer will be partnering with a myriad of organizations (eg National Heritage Board, Housing Development Board, Singapore Tourism Board, NParks etc). Students will be challenged to create digital SG50 trails (called SG50 i-Trails), and to share these trails with the public.

Our school had participated in the challenge. Spanning over two years which consisted of 2 phases, from 2014 to 2015, a group of our Primary 5 students designed a heritage trail titled “Nanyang Beat”. With support from their teachers, they had included about 7 hotspots to cover within the trail. All 7 hotspots entailed both historical and prominent landmarks that hope to excite users of the trail to share their reflections, aspirations and memories with the public. In addition, the trail hopes to allow young people to explore the diversity of footprints that make Singapore what it today – where we were, where we are and how we got here.

Last year, our school won 3rd place for the trail creation and moved forward to phase II of the challenge. The students refined our trail and conducted a tour of the trail, with our school staff, as part of active engagement of the public. The students were very motivated and displayed confidence as they engaged their teachers throughout the trail. Their good effort paid off as our school won 2nd place for the final judging that took place at Fort Canning Park, on 9 November 2015.

All the trails created in NiTC from 2012 to 2014 will be aggregated into a special SG50 i-Trail mobile app, to be presented to the nation as our young people’s gift to Singapore in 2015. All NiTC participating schools will be listed as presenting schools to the nation.