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X³ Learning Years Programme 

In 2017, Xingnan Primary introduced the X3 Learning Years Programme (X3 LYP), beginning with P1 level. X3 LYP provides an

Curricular Co-Curricular

approach to learning in 2-year blocks, focusing on providing opportunities for students to develop a range of skills through
Curricular and Co-Curricular subjects, at different stages of their education journey in primary school. X3 stands for the
acronyms XCITE, XPLORE and XTEND.

The X in each of these acronyms stands for Xingnan, because this programme is unique to Xingnan.  

a.       XCITE at the lower primary block focuses on Curriculum Integration through Thematic Experiences.

b.       XPLORE at the middle block focuses on providing Purposeful Learning Opportunities through Resource-rich   

c.       XTEND at the upper block focuses on Transforming Experiences through iNnovation and Discovery.

X3 LYP seeks to facilitate coherence between Curricular and Co-Curricular subjects and across the different levels. The X3 LYP offers students a range of learning experiences using integration of curriculum through themes, learning journeys and resource-rich environments  to make their learning more authentic, relevant, meaningful and engaging. The programme is intended to extend their learning beyond classrooms and better prepare them as future-oriented, gracious citizens.