Art Club

The Art Club consists of a group of pupils with a keen interest in art and enjoys creation and self-expression.  By joining the art club, they will expand their knowledge and showcase their talent.  Through weekly sessions, the members will be exposed to numerous art-making techniques such as drawing, painting, mixed media, digital art, print making, sewing and many more.  The art activities are catered to the student’s desires and curated by the teachers-in-charge to enhance creative thinking, awareness and problem solving while maintaining a fun and creative atmosphere.  The pupils will have the opportunity to participate in competitions and collaborate with external organizations.  They can also look forward to the yearly learning journey to an art gallery to have real world exposure to the arts.  Through this club, the pupils will acquire confidence in themselves and thoughts through creative expression with an emphasis on art appreciation.


  • 2018 National Day Art with Nanyang Community Centre Achievement Certification
  • 2017 SYF Recognition Certification
  • Exclusive article of Xingnan Art Club students with MOE minister Mr. Ng
  • Sold artwork for charity

Day and Time:

Mondays (P5 & P6) 4:00-6:00pm in Art Room 1

Wednesdays (P3 & P4) 3:45-5:45pm in RM 1301 
Photo Gallery

Art club Batik.jpeg

ArT club stuffies.JPG
Art club kusama.JPGArt club graffiti.JPG