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Environmental Club


Schools Green Award (SGA)

Lotus Award (1st tier): 2015

Orchid Award (2nd tier): 2013, 2014

Hibiscus Award (3rd tier): 2012

3R awards

Gold: 2015, 2014

Bronze: 2013


Pupils are involved in environmental related programmes and activities. Some of the programmes and activities are described below.

Little Green Dot: Train-the-Trainers  (LGD-TTT) Programme 2016

I​n 2015, Tetra Pak initiated The Little Green Dots (LGD) Train-The-Trainer Programme as an extension to the LGD programme.  Xingnan Primary School is one of the partnering schools with Tetrapak. In this programme, teacher and student trainers from the Environmental Club deliver the environmental education module to kindergarten children in a fun and engaging way.​

Weekly Recycling

All classes are involved in weekly recycling. The Environmental Club members help to prepare raffia strings for their schoolmates to bundle and tie the newspapers. Some members are on duty during the weekly recycling on Fridays.

Keep the School Clean Pledge

Pupils and teachers pledge to keep the school clean by putting their thumbprints. The Environmental Club members and Anti-Littering Ambassadors invited many pupils to pledge. This is done yearly to remind our pupils to maintain the cleanliness in school and to be litter-free.

In 2016, teachers and pupils wrote their individual pledges on leaf cut-outs. These ‘leaves’ were pasted together to form a ‘green Singapore’.

Learning Journeys/ Workshops

Pupils go on learning journeys and/ or workshops to gain more knowledge about green communities and activities. In July 2015, the Environmental Club members and selected P5 pupils went on a learning journey in West Gate shopping mall to learn more about the green features in the mall. These features are known as Universal Design (UD).

In June 2015, the P3 & P4 Environmental Club members went to Hwa Chong Institution for a Green Camp during the June Holidays. They learnt how to make use of recycled/ old things e.g. socks to create something new. 


Our pupils with the UD mascot at West Gate shopping mall


Environmental Club members made a snowman from old socks at Hwa Chong Institution’s Green CampClean Singapore Learning Trail 2015

Pupils are engaged in classroom activities to learn more about how to keep Singapore and the environmental clean. Trainers from the National Environmental Agency (NEA) conduct the programme for the pupils in school. Pupils team up and participate in a clean-up activity in the school and at the areas outside the school to encourage anti-littering. About 160 P3, P4 and P5 pupils participated in the learning trail in April 2015.


P3 and P4 pupils learning about the how public roads are cleaned.


Pupils picking up litter in school areas e.g. school field & canteen


Pupils picking up litter in public space outside school