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Infocomm Club

The Infocomm Club aims to enrich the pupils with IT skills through progressive training and competitions. Our school’s Infocomm Club is made up of almost 40 members. Our members are grouped into the Junior and Senior groups. Primary 3 pupils form the Junior group while the Primary 3 to 6 pupils form the Senior Group. Our pupils spend a total of 2 hours per week learning, Photoshop, Movie Maker and Flash, Game Salad and Photography. At the Junior level, there is a strong emphasis on ICT skills acquisition while the Senior group pupils hone their acquired skills by participating in various competitions and projects at cluster, zonal or National levels.Pupils are equipped with IT skills to expand their creativity and apply them in their school projects.


South West Eco Animation Competition 2013- 2nd Prize
Certificate of Participation SDMA

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