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Brass Band

Xingnan Primary School first started her band in 1982 with only 20 members.  To date, the band is strong and active with about 80 members.         

Xingnan Primary School Brass Band aspires to create music that reaches the listener's heart.  She participates actively in local and overseas music exchange programmes to enrich her members' musical experiences. In 2013, Xingnan Brass Band embarked on an educational trip to Brisbane, Australia. This opportunity enabled band members to interact with youth musicians across borders and to develop a deeper understanding of musicianship.

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Xingnan Brass Band attained the Programme for School Based Excellence (PSE) award.


Gold (With Honours) in Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging – Concert Bands (Brass Bands) (Primary School Level)


Distinction in Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation for Band (Brass - Primary School Level)

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