"Xingnan Primary School is the only primary school in Singapore to offer diabolo, a traditional Chinese game, as a CCA. And pupils play the traditional Chinese yo-yo with ease, swinging the hourglass-shaped toy into the air and juggling it using only a pair of wooden sticks and string."
                                                                   Adapted from The Straits Times - Little Red Dot, Tuesday, 23 July 2013

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Photo Gallery
Appreciative audience at the 2008 ExCEL Fest watching our Di.jpgDiabolo Club members performing during the Chinese New Year.jpg
Diabolo members capturing the attention of the appreciative.jpgMembers of the Diabolo Club impressed the audience with thei.jpg
Members of the Diabolo Club performing at Plaza Singapura.jpgMembers of the Diabolo Club performing at the 2008 ExCEL Fes.jpg