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Indian Dance

About the Indian Dance

Bharatanatyam is an Indian classical art form which is deeply appreciated by the various ethnic groups around the world for its graceful movements and sculpture-like poses. Amongst many Indian dance forms around the world, Bharathanatyam is one of the most well-received dance forms and it is practised by both men and women around the world. This year, at Xingnan Primary school, the Indian dance department decided to deviate away from the folk theme and venture into this art form.

With the guidance from the dance instructor and teachers, pupils mastered the basic movements of this art form. Throughout this journey of learning, our dancers have displayed resilience and determination.  It has played a significant role in instilling the school’s core values in our pupils, as well as equipping them with 21st century skills.

The dancers supported their peers in mastering the movements and they displayed pure dedication and the will to succeed. This led to a progression from a bronze award in the last Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) to the certificate of accomplishment in this year’s SYF.

This award is indeed a stepping stone for our pupils to reap greater heights in the years to come. Our pupils have done us proud. 

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