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International Dance

About The International Dance:

The International Dance CCA in Xingnan Primary School is helmed by teachers, Mdm Claudia Wong, Ms Tan Sing Ye, Ms Sulastri, Ms Lim Pei Gen, Mdm Wati and directed by dance instructors, Ms Lu Wei and Ms Zhang Chen Mu.

We pride ourselves as a cast of dancers who reinterpret classical ballet by designing our own steps and routines which express our inner feelings. As we vividly express our emotions and moods in every piece of dance choreography that we undertake, we aim to engage the audience in a magical journey of the senses!

Recent achievements:

SYF 2014 Arts Presentation for Dance (International Dance) - DISTINCTION

Titled Courage, this dance is an interpretation of the pupils’ fierce determination to conquer all odds in the face of challenges.

In the opening scene, drum beats resound as the dancers portray their struggle to stand united while advancing towards a common goal. As the beats give way to an inspirational melody of crests and falls, the dancers’ rhythmic movements represent their progress towards success.

Finally, the dance ends with a dramatic formation of striking poses, to symbolise their triumphant pride and joy.

Names of performers: Celine Tan Shi Yun (4A), Sherlyn Tan (4B), Wendy Zhang (4B), Chia Shi Min (4C), Chua Yan Ling (4C), Kam Hooi Thong (4C), Kwek Yanting (4C), Anis Afifah (4D), Chloe Lim (4D), Agnes Low (4D), Qistina Alsiah (4D), Renee Quek (4D), Ling Yu Tong (4F), Ng Shi Yi (4F), Jazel Chua (5A), Goh Yong En (5A), Lim Ruo Yi (5A), Lee Jia Xue (5A), Liew Ting Yu (5A), Lim Jia Hui (5A), Cheryl Ng (5A), Emily Tan (5B), Zhou Yuyan (5B), Valarie Soh (5B), Khoo Yu En (5B), Mabel Lor (5D), Ong Shi Xuan (5D), Adlinah (5D), Chloe Quek (5E), Teo Hui Ying (5E) and Nur SUhaila (5F).

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