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Malay Dance

The Malay dance troupe was first set up in 2002. The Malay dance group has been achieving silver award for the Singapore Youth Festival in 2006, 2008 and 2010 in the Malay Dance Contemporary category. In Singapore Youth Festival 2012, we also achieved Silver in our maiden attempt for the Malay Dance Traditional category. We achieved the 8th position, Silver Award under the Consolation category in an external Interschool Malay Dance competition organized by the EDN Media in July 2012.


SYF ARTS PRESENTATION 2014 (Distinction Award)

DANCE TITLE : HAPPY MOMENTS   This is an energetic and joyful dance with movements depicting the dancers’ youth and cheerfulness.  The Samrah genre was chosen as it provides the opportunity for the dancers to express their happy moods.  Samrah is a hybrid of music, poetry and dance originated from the Middle East.  The music is lively and upbeat.  For the SYF arts presentation, we improvised the poetry to drama and included a brief dramatization in the dance.  We integrated the elements of children having fun dancing with synergy.

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