Soccer is played by millions of children across the world. It has become a growing trend offering the best of athleticism to a full and healthy childhood. Soccer helps children develop in myriad ways that benefit their physical and emotional wellbeing.

In Xingnan Primary School, we educate the importance of character building traits such as working hard to develop skills and good sportsmanship to the soccer players. They will also experience healthy peer-group interactions and learn how to build friendships during practices, games and team activities.

Soccer players are also given many opportunities to communicate with one another respectfully and responsively as they have to work together. They have to share and come together as a conglomerate to meet a common goal and help each other achieve the best in its pursuit.

The core of soccer training in Xingnan is for the soccer players to have fun. Soccer offers a sense of self-esteem and well-being to the players as they see their accomplishments grow.

Besides making the school proud by performing their best during soccer competition, we hope that the pupils achieve the ‘S O C C E R’ traits, S – Self Discipline, O – Organise, C – Co-operation, C – Confidence, E – Endurance, R – Responsibility. 

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