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Centre of Learning for Chinese Language and Culture

In January 2008, Xingnan Primary school is honoured to be officially appointed as the W3 Centre of Learning (COL) for Chinese Language and Culture. 

Xingnan Primary School started out as a Chinese-medium school 76 years ago, and has been spearheading various activities and programme related to the pedagogy of Chinese Language and Culture in the W3 cluster for the past 10 years. This appointment is an affirmation of our contribution in Chinese Language teaching and the promotion of Chinese Culture. As the W3 Centre of Learning for Chinese Language and Culture, our school is dedicated to promoting Chinese Culture, as reflected in the logo above specially designed for this by our alumnus, Mr Liang Weili.


As the COL for W3, our mission is to promote and role model the appreciation of the Chinese Language and Culture in W3 Cluster Schools. Our vision is to develop a group of future Singaporeans who will be proficient in the Chinese Language and well acquainted with the Chinese Culture.

As the COL, we have been working on 3 major areas:
  1. Promote Chinese Culture to instil the love for the Culture starts from young. 
  2. Enhancing the learning of Chinese by organizing activities on the cluster level.
  3. Researching and sharing of teaching tools and resources by organizing workshops, talks, sharing session for the cluster teachers to exchange/share their experiences.


For teachers:

1) Courses/Workshop 
In support of the continual learning of teachers, we periodically organize a variety of courses and workshops for the W3-cluster teachers. Courses and workshops include those that help improve classroom teaching skills and techniques, and those that cater to teachers’ interests (Chinese culture, history, customs, etc.).

2) ST Sharing
We initiated a platform for sharing of teaching and learning skills among cluster teachers. Experience teachers were invited and encouraged to share what they have gleaned throughout their years as teachers, so that other teachers can adapt for their own classroom teaching.

For students:

1) National Lantern Making Competition
We organized the National Lantern Making Competition jointly with Singapore Press Holdings and the Singapore Middle School Chinese Teachers' Association in conjunction with the Mid-Autumn Festival. The objective is to search for creative talents, cultivate interests and awareness of the Mid-Autumn Festival amongst Singaporeans, as well as to promote racial harmony and cohesion within the community. The outstanding entries are on display at Hong Lim Park during the 16-day festival.

Lantern Making Comp 1.jpgLantern Making Comp 2.jpg

2) Calligraphy Competition
In addition to promoting interest in the Chinese culture, we also provide an opportunity to showcase the talents of W3-cluster students, by organizing a Chinese Calligraphy competition for the cluster. This competition is also held in conjunction with our Mother Tongue Fortnight.

3) Essay Writing Competition
An Essay Writing competition was held jointly with Juying Primary School. Students were encouraged to participate so that their talents could be showcased and recognized.

4) Picture-Book Workshop
Renown local author cum picture-book artist, Ah Guo (阿果) was invited to share his experience in picture-book creation. Teachers and students within the cluster had a fun time creating interesting picture-books during this workshop. 

5) Essay compilation «西苑童心»
Primary schools within the cluster take turns to compile and publish a collection of students’ outstanding essays. Every primary school student within the cluster will get a free copy of this compilation.