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English Language

Vision and Mission

Vision : Every pupil a confident and competent user of the English Language

Mission : To provide a language-rich environment and engage pupils in the learning of the English Language by:
  • instilling a love for reading and writing
  • developing oral communication skills
  • promoting inquiry and reflection
  • harnessing multi-media technology

EL Department Programmes

1. Reading Programme
The Reading Programme aims to support pupils in the acquisition of a firm foundation in reading and comprehension skills critical to their attainment of academic excellence. Instructional Reading is conducted during curriculum time using graded readers or story books of good literary standing.  The focus for P1 and P2 is on phonological awareness, word recognition and fluency. As for P3 to P6, the focus is on literature appreciation, vocabulary development and comprehension skills. For Guided Reading, pupils bring home story books to read during the term-break, after which they complete some post-reading activities. Tokens are also awarded to pupils to encourage them to continue to read more.

2. Writing Programme
The Writing Programme is structured around the lower primary, middle primary and upper primary levels with learning outcomes clearly specified for each level.  There is progression of skills from penmanship and sequencing of ideas at the lower levels; ways of developing narratives at the middle levels; to creative writing for the upper levels.  Pupils are taught the processes of good writing with scaffolding exercises provided.  Good compositions have been compiled and published as a form of recognition for the good writers and to encourage all pupils to write better.  Creative writing pieces are displayed on the EL Writing Wall.

3. Oral Communication Programme
The Oral Communication Programme aims to develop in pupils effective communication skills in the English Language by addressing the dynamics of effective communication and raising the standard of spoken English.  It adopts a developmental approach beginning with confidence building at the lower levels, oral presentation skills at the middle levels and debate at the upper levels. The department has embarked on the Whole-School Approach to Effective Communication in English (WSA-EC) with the aim of building a whole-school culture that promotes effective communication in English. 

4. Learning Support Programme
This is a specialised programme to support lower primary pupils in the acquisition of basic literacy skills. Pupils identified for this programme attend lessons that focus on phonological awareness, decoding and reading skills. The school has embarked on the School-based Dyslexia Remediation to support pupils diagnosed with dyslexia.

EL Enrichment Programmes

Several enrichment programmes are mounted every year to promote enjoyment in learning English, to hone pupils’ skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening, as well as to stretch the high ability pupils.

1. Speech and Drama

P2 Speech and Drama1.jpgP2 Speech and Drama2.jpgP2 Speech and Drama3.jpg
2. Drama Skills


3. Creative Writing

6. Debating Skills


EL Department Activities

1. Speak Good English @ Xingnan

The EL Department organises Speak Good English @ Xingnan every year to promote the use of Standard English in the school as well as to celebrate models of good English. The different oral communication activities organised for the pupils include choral reading and poem recitation for the lower primary, reader’s theatre for the middle primary and tongue-twisters for the upper primary. There are also quizzes on correct English usage to challenge teachers and pupils. These activities are conducted with the aim of heightening the awareness among staff and pupils of the importance of using Standard English. Posters on correct English usage are also displayed on the EL Learning Wall.


Department Goals

Pupils are effective communicators of the English Language.

Department Framework

EL Framework (2014).jpg

Department Photo