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Literature Appreciation

Literature opens up new worlds to children.  To promote enjoyment in reading books of good literary standing and develop critical readers in our pupils, a literature appreciation programme is introduced to our P4 to P6 pupils in the Talent Development Programme (TDP).

Also a part of our school-based Reading Programme (RP), “Literature Appreciation” is an extension of the reading lessons offered to pupils under the Talent Development Programme (TDP). 

image.jpgUnder this extension, the pupils do character study and plot analysis of the prescribed text, as well as how to use literary devices.  Pupils are also exposed to many forms of writing – personal narrative, exposition, poetry and fantasy as they explore literature through the study of award-winning literacy novels.

As the pupils engage in appreciation of literary texts, they are also guided to develop skills to comprehend, interpret and respond to the texts in finer details.

Our P4 TDP pupils have been introduced to the book, ‘Charlotte’s Web’ and our P5 and P6 TDP pupils are studying the characters and plot in the books ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ and ‘Sing to the Dawn’ respectively.