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Reading Programmes

RP is a school-wide programme for P1 to P6.  It aims to:

· instill a love of reading with the ultimate aim of cultivating a reading culture, and

· support pupils in acquiring a firm foundation in reading and comprehension skills critical to their attainment of academic excellence.

RP comprises: Instructional Reading, Guided Reading, Reading Reward, and Learning Centre, as illustrated in the diagram below.


Instructional Reading: Lessons are conducted by the English-Language Subject Teachers during English - Language lessons.  

Through phonics instruction and sight-word recognition, Primary 1 and 2 pupils are guided to read graded readers. 

library 1.jpg

Primary 3 to 6 pupils are exposed to a variety of vocabulary and comprehension skills through novels specially selected for each ability. 

Guided Reading: For each term break, pupils are issued books to read as part of their English-Language holiday assignment. These books are selected for their literacy and moral value and aim to promote a good reading habit.


Reading Reward: This system recognises pupils’ efforts as they read a certain number of books. Pupils receive tokens such as stationery and certificates according to the Token Redemption Chart printed in their “My Reading Record” booklets.




Special awards are also given to:

·  Top Pupil Borrowers

·  Top Class Borrowers

Learning Centre: A variety of activities from Book Promotion to Library Visit provide pupils with a fun and rich reading experience.  Some useful services provided include SMS Alert Service (for Overdue Items), OPAC (for searching the library catalogue) and School Library Cards for Primary 1 pupils.