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Useful English Websites

Some useful websites to support pupils in learning the English Language include: (language exercises) (language exercises) (teaching idioms) (amusing poems) (learning English online) (useful for vocabulary building) (good source of narrative texts) (worksheets on spelling and vocabulary) (useful for writing “active openings”) (games and worksheets on pronunciation) (interactive learning resources) (lesson plans and photocopiable worksheets on writing) (interactive grammar activities for teachers and learners) (activities for writing and reading with lesson plans and worksheets)

Culture Bridge website
Students learn about language use in Singapore through “Singapore Today - Language” found in Culture Bazaar for teachers
This website features a collection of lesson plans and articles on teaching strategies organised by learners’ age group. There are also free tool templates for teachers to design interactive teaching resources. Students will also like the interactive games and storybooks.

Kizclub, Learning Resources for Kids website
Lower primary students will find the activities delightful and fun. The section on phonics and animated stories will be useful for teachers in teaching pronunciation and speaking skills.

English Language Interactive Resource
Students may find this resource interesting and useful as it uses a delightful story to teach prepositions.

Free English Lessons and Exercises website
This website features a collection of grammar lessons and exercises organised by parts of speech. Each lesson on a particular grammar item is accompanied by a basic explanation on the rules that govern its usage and some examples. The exercises will serve as good practice for the students.