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Malay Language Competition

Internal Competitions

Some of our internal competitions held in 2012 
P4 Spelling Bee

P6 Projek Iklan(Commercial Competition)

External Competitions

Cakap Petah (Public Speaking)
This oratorical competition was an event organised by PBMUKS (Persatuan Bahasa Melayu Universiti Kebangsaan Singapura), the Malay Language Society of NUS. Selected Primary 4 pupils attended a whole day workshop on public speaking. They then have to write their own speech and video record the speech creatively. This video recording is then uploaded onto a designated website where the public were able to watch all videos uploaded and vote for their favourite speakers. 

The Piala Cendekia Sahibba (Scrabble)
This Malay Scrabbles competition is held annually during the Malay language month. Many of our Primary 3, Primary 4 and Primary 5 pupils participated in the competition. There were top ten prizes to be won and this year, three of our pupils managed to achieve three of the top ten placing.

Pesta Bahasa 2012 (Language Fiesta)
During the Malay Language Month (Bulan Bahasa), Bukit Batok East Malay Activities Executive Committee (MAEC) and Lianhua Primary School Malay Department organised a Malay festival. There were different competitions for all levels from Primary 1 to Primary 6. Our school sent 14 pupils, Primary 1 to Primary 6, to participate in the competition. We also brought 30 pupils supporters who cheered for their friends. Even the supporters were involved in the cheering competition.

Our 2013 Competitions
Primary 1Mari Menyanyi 2013 
(Let’s Sing)
Term 2 Week 5
Primary 23, 2, 1 Aksi! 2013 
(3, 2, 1 Action)
Term 2 Week 2
Primary 33, 2, 1 Aksi! 2013 
(3, 2, 1 Action)
Term 2 Week 5
Primary 4Eja Tepat 2013 
(Spelling Bee)
Term 2 Week 10
Primary 5Sahibba 2013 
Term 2 Week 10
Primary 5 FoundationDendang Penyair 2013 
(Poetry Recital)
Term 1 Week 3
Primary 6Fikir Fikir 2013 
(Think Think – Language Quiz)
Term 4
Primary 6 FoundationDendang Penyair 2013 
(Poetry Recital)
Term 1 Week 3
Primary 3 – Primary 6Karya Kreatif 2013
(Creative Writing)
Term 2 Week 5