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Maths Olympiad & A* Math Programme


Mathematics Olympiad is catered for Primary 3 to 6 pupils who are talented in Mathematics. 

Trainings are conducted weekly, where the pupils are taught various critical problem-solving skills through solving non-routine, thought-stimulating problems. 

Pupils are horned in skills to solve challenging Mathematics problems and Olympiad standard Mathematics problems which require careful thinking, extraction, processing and interpretation of given information. Abilities of the pupils are gauged regularly through exercises to determine the level of readiness before being sent for competitions. 

Math Olympiad competitions provide pupils with invaluable experiences that cannot be found in textbooks. There are various opportunities for pupils to represent Xingnan to participate in competitions organised throughout the year such as the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools and the Primary Mathematics World Contest. Pupils also take part in various activities and competitions organised by the Gifted Branch which will allow them to interact with high-ability learners from other primary schools. 

The A Star Math Programme was organised for selected Primary 4 to Primary 6 pupils. This programme aims to guide students to master problem solving with emphasis on the development of concepts, skills and its underlying processes. It also focusses on practices that will enable students to achieve higher order thinking skills.