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Primary 1 And 2 “I Love Fairy Tales” Programme

During the June holidays in 2012, some Primary 2 pupils attended the “I Love Fairy Tales” Programme. In line with the department’s mission of providing a fun environment that engages the mind and encourages creativity, this programme was organised as it incorporates Math and Fairy Tales to make lessons more interesting for our young learners. 

In addition, the lessons are designed to develop the pupils’ critical and mathematical-logic thinking through familiar fairy tales and interesting hands on activities. Trainers will read the fairy tales to the pupils as a tuning-in activity. After that, pupils will solve word problems related to the fairy tales. Pupils showed a high level of enthusiasm as they find it interesting to solve problems involving the fairy tale characters. 

The programme has definitely allowed our Primary 2 pupils to build up their confidence in solving challenging Math problems. This is also what our department wishes to achieve; A confident problem solver with a life-long passion in Math.

image003.jpgPupils listening attentively to the fairy tale “Little Red Riding Hood”.image004.jpgPupils engaged in group discussion using the manipulatives.

A similar programme was conducted for the Primary 1 pupils during the November holidays. A total of 150 P1 pupils attended the  ‘AMathZing Fairy Tales’ Math workshop from 19th to 23rd November 2012. This workshop introduced math problem solving revolving around various fairy tales and children’s stories such as ‘Hensel and Gretel’, ‘Cinderella’ and ‘Three Little Pigs’.  The school hall was decorated with bits of the story, down to the cookie scent to bring up the feel of each story. The use of theatre sparked interest in the pupils and kept them engaged.  The pupils were all smiles throughout the workshop. Reward at the end of each day – a valuable math strategy and a candy from the witch’s Candy House.