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Life Science @ XINGNAN


The Orchid Hybridisation Programme, a project supported financially by the School Advisory Committee, is part of the school-based Life Sciences Programme that Xingnan Primary School has developed in response to the nation’s focus on Biomedical Sciences and to stretch the high ability pupils.  Segments of the programme have also been extended to all Primary 5 pupils as part of their post-examination activity.

Science.jpgTo support the teaching and learning of Life Sciences, the school has, over the years, grown a variety of flora on designated plots of land at different parts of the school. 

With the setting up of our solar-powered eco-garden, all Xingnanians can now look forward to further enrich their experiences in the learning of Life Sciences.  This garden has been furnished with a eco-pond, a fernarium, a mini-butterfly garden, a succulent plant corner and many other features where outdoor lessons that will excite our pupils’ young minds can be carried out.