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Tamil Language

Vision & Mission

Vision: Every Pupil A Confident and Competent User of the Tamil Language 

Mission: To provide the pupils with the necessary language skills so that they can use the language with confidence

Engaging Teaching Pedagogies to learn Tamil in a fun way:
Engaging paedagogy.JPGEngaging paedagogy 2.JPG

Equipping students with hands-on experience in Indian Tradition and Culture through Mother Tongue Fortnight Activities: 

Providing a platform for our students to showcase their proficiency in spoken Tamil Language through competitions:
Competition 2.JPG

Competition 3.JPG

Sharing our Indian Culture and Tradition with the whole school community at our Deepavali Celebrations:
Conducting learning journeys for experiential learning:

deepavali 1.JPG
Deepavali 3.JPG

deepavali 2.jpg
Deepavali 4.jpg

To promote spoken Tamil by encouraging students to listen to Tamil radio programmes on Oli 96.8 and selected
Tamil programmes on Vasantham Television Channel. 
To improve spoken Tamil by ensuring students prepare for oral presentations 
To encourage students to read Manavar Murasu – The Monday supplement of Tamil Murasu.
To  ensure students read at least 2  Tamil story books a month

Useful Websites/Resources: