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Cyberwellness Programme

The Cyberwellness Programme in Xingnan is aimed at developing adept users of technology (C2015) and aligned to the school vision of producing ‘self-directed learners’ and ‘global citizens.’  It supports the ICT framework and is part of the curriculum.

The activities are anchored on the Cyberwellness principles under the MOE Cyberwellness Framework.  These are further guided by the baseline ICT standards which represents the basic level of knowledge, skills and values that pupils need in order to fully benefit from a curriculum enriched with ICT, and eventually thrive in a technology-driven society.

The Cyberwellness Programme for each academic year typically includes the following:
  • Knowing the Cyberwellness Mascot
  • Cyberwellness In-class Activities (CE)
  • ICT Training (Multimedia Educator)
  • Cyberwellness Week
  • Cyberwellness Activities and Prize Presentation by P/VPs
  • Cyberwellness Assembly Talks By Coordinator 
  • Post-PSLE Cyberwellness Talk for P6
  • Talks by FTSC/SFE for parents