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FTGP Programme

The FTGP Concept
The central idea and purpose behind FTGP is to provide time within the curriculum for form teachers to engage in quality interactions with their pupils and for them to help pupils strengthen social and emotional competencies.

During FTGP, the following will take place:
a) Play activities between the form teacher and pupils so as to build a safe classroom environment for pupils and to enhance bonding between form teacher and pupils  
b) Teaching of social and emotional competencies

The FTGP is designed with strategies for pupils to acquire skills that will help them to:-
a) better understand themselves (Self-Awareness);
b) learn ways to manage themselves (Self-Management);
c) better understand their family and friends (Social Awareness);
d) learn ways to work with their family and friends (Relationship Management)
e) make appropriate and responsible decisions (Responsible Decision Making)