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Internationalisation Programme

The internationalisation programmes include overseas cultural immersion trips, twinning with overseas schools, overseas service learning, hosting of foreign visitors and introducing school’s international pupils to the different ethnic cultures in Singapore.  The overseas trips provide authentic learning experiences for our pupils as the school prepares them to be future global citizens.  The interactions with foreign pupils help our pupils learn to accept and respect differences.

In 2012, two groups of pupils visited schools in Chengdu and Suzhou.  The pupils sat into classrooms and learn with their Chinese friends.  They also visited historical and cultural sites to learn more about the Chinese history and cultures.

Another group of pupils , comprised of pupil leaders, went over to Vietnam for a overseas service learning trip.  Our pupils brought along stationery to donate to pupils in a Vietnamese school.

These overseas trips had not only allowed our pupils to learn more other countries, they also learnt independence.

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