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National Education Programme

Heritage Museum

  • To inculcate a greater sense of belonging to the school
  • A better knowledge of life in olden day Singapore.  

The school’s Heritage Museum was built in 2006 to support the learning of the school’s long history.  Pupils get to learn about how the school first started in 1932, the milestone changes over the decades, as well as the various principals who headed the school from 1932.  

It carries authentic artefacts that include the school’s old publications, record books, teaching materials and school furniture.  The pupils also get to see authentic artefacts of stationery, school bags, office and home furniture, office and home appliances, kitchen utensils and common objects used in homes in the past.  

Pupils are allowed to visit the Heritage Museum during some recesses.  Together with the 3 NE Walls, pupils are encouraged to participate in some activities that require them to search for information on their own.   To encourage such self-directed learning, tokens are given for pupils’ effort.  

The school hopes that with better knowledge of the past, pupils are better able to appreciate the present status and that they will be more inspired to work for a better future.



Objectives: To sensitize our pupils to issues related to Singapore. 

Approach: To teach national education messages through the 4 NE core events. These commemorative activities are organised around a one-week programme, with assembly talk, classroom lessons, hands-on activities and displays.

Total Defence Day (15 February)

Objective: Pupils learn about the 5 pillars of Total Defence :- Military, Civil, Social, Economic & Psychological.

In 2013, NE Committee organised a TDD Carnival in collaboration with Jurong West Secondary School.  The carnival allowed for a more hands-on learning experience for our pupils.  The secondary school students from the 5 uniform groups set up booths in the school Hall.  The older students shared with the young pupils about the roles played by the Armed Forces, Police Force, Civil Defence Force and medical personnel.  Pupils also learn about importance of Social Defence from the Boys’ Brigade.  PSG members put up a Tapioca Tasting booth to let pupils taste a common type of simple food eaten during the Japanese Occupation years.  Some officers from the SCDF (Tuas Fire Station) gave fire-fighting demonstrations during the 3 recesses.  Over at the Conference Room, pupils learn about emergency exercises and drills from the NCDCC students of Jurong West Secondary School.

Overall, the TDD Carnival provided learning experiences beyond the classroom and the pupils had a wonderful time learning from the secondary school students.

TDD - putting out fire.jpgTDD - tasting tapioca.jpg
TDD - learning first aid.jpg

International Friendship Day (12 April)

Objective: Pupils learn more about other countries and the importance of friendship between Singapore and the world.

Pupils learn about 3 different countries each year, generally one each from 3 regions of the world, namely, North & South America, Europe & Africa, Asia & South-east Asia.  During the IFD week, international pupils from the school will also share about their countries during the special assembly.

In 2012, the pupils learn about Holland, Greece and England, all of them were countries that participated in the Olympic Games that was held in London, England.

Racial Harmony Day (21 July)

Objective: Pupils learn to appreciate the cultural and religious diversity in Singapore as well as the importance of harmonious living.

The focus for each year’s activities will follow the theme set by MOE.  In 2012, the school garnered the support of the PSG and introduced the different ethnic weddings to the pupils.  

PSG members converted the Art Gallery into a Punjabi wedding room, decking it out with richly coloured cloths, rangoli, wedding costumes, costume jewelleries, etc.  Classes visited the Punjabi wedding displays where mothers from the PSG shared the meaning of each practices.

RHD - Chinese wedding displays.jpgRHD - role play a Malay wedding.jpg
RHD - role play a Malay wedding.jpg

National Day (8 August)

Objective: To instil a sense of pride and belonging to the nation.

The whole school participates in the Observance Ceremony with the school’s Scouts bringing in the national flag and school flag.  Thereafter, the P1 to P3 pupils will adjourn to the school field for their Lower Primary Sports, while the P4 to P6 pupils will participate in a Sports Carnival.   

In 2012, the school collaborated with the Armed Forces to create a more interesting experience for the pupils.  The soldiers brought their transport truck, weaponry, uniform and camouflage paints for the event.  Pupils had a great time getting up close with the soldiers and the weapons.

National Day - camouflage painting.jpg

NE Show

Objective:  To instil a sense of pride for the nation

P5 pupils will participate in the annual NE Show which is a preview for the National Day Parade.  It is another platform where pupils learn about nationhood.  

Our pupils travel by the SMRT to the Marina Floating Platform for the NE Show, accompanied by many teachers and some parent volunteers.   Along the way to the Floating Platform, pupils get to see some of the heritage structures and modern development around the Singapore River mouth.  It is truly a national education trip indeed.

NE Show - P5 pupils ready for NE Show.jpg