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Values In Action Programme

Values in Action (VIA) is a reframing of the Community Involvement Programme (CIP) to give greater focus to pupils acquiring values. 
Desired Outcomes:
Active Contributors and Concerned Citizens 
  1. To nurture every pupil to be socially responsible.
  2. To help pupils understand that they have a role to play in enhancing the well being of the community and the country.

Approach Live and practise core values through
  1. Age appropriate and sustained experiential learning
  2. Progressive development from class, home, school to community and country
  3. Staff lead and model community involvement and contribution to community.

Pupils’ Learning Process
Requirement: Every pupil must fulfil the minimum requirement of 8 hours of community involvement 
The Process - PAP
Pre-Activity Action Post-Activity
Understanding the values
1. Brief pupil on the activity.
2. Set the tone.
3. Explain purpose of the activity. Link it to the SEL competencies, school and NE values.
4. Teach values
Practising the values
1. Pupils put in practice what they have learnt
2. Teachers set goals / assign tasks to the groups
3. Pupils to put into practice what they have learnt.
Developing the values
1. Pupils reflect on what they have learnt through learning logs and reflections
2. Pupils apply the values learnt
3. Surveys to evaluate conduct of activity.