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Health Education Committee

Health Education @ Xingnan 

A sound mind, an active lifestyle for every child.

To educate and empower every child with the knowledge, skills and values to practise a healthy lifestyle. 

School Health Education Framework

Our Programmes

The school has the following key programmes for all the pupils to develop them with the right knowledge and skills so as to cultivate them with the right values to lead a healthy lifestyle.

v  Healthy Eating in Schools Programme (HESP)

v  Tooth Brushing Exercise for Primary 1 and 2

v  Dental Talk for Primary 3 (Plaque Formation) and Primary 5 (Gum Diseases)

v  Fruittie Veggie Bites Programme (FVB)

v  Fruittie Wednesday & Friday

v  Eye Care Week

v  Health Education Morning Sharing

v  Assembly Programmes for Lower and Upper Primary

v  Monthly Health Quiz 

Fruittie Veggie Bites Programme

The Fruittie Veggie Bites Programme aims to raise awareness about the importance of eating a variety of fruit and vegetable every day to obtain maximum amount of vitamins and minerals, through a reward scheme among the pupils in the school. When pupils purchase a serving of fruit or vegetable from the canteen vendor, they will be given a colourful Fruittie Veggie Bites card. They will slot the card into the Fruittie Veggie Bites cupboard into their respective classes. The class with the greatest number of cards in that level for the month, will be rewarded with tokens of encouragement.


Dental Talk for Primary 3 and 5

The Dental Talk programme is scheduled at the beginning of the year for all the Primary 3 and 5 pupils to help them to understand the importance of taking care of their teeth. Our school dental therapist will provide the pupils with more information on plaque formation (Primary 3) and gum diseases (Primary 5) so as to promote oral health awareness and oral hygiene practices through chairside oral health education and classroom talks. 

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Tooth Brushing Exercise for Primary 1 and 2

Various oral health promotion programmes were organised in 2006 to help the young to adopt positive oral health practices. A mass tooth brushing drill for Primary 1 and 2 is organised in school to inculcate correct tooth brushing techniques among the young as well as to help them to develop a healthy habit of brushing their teeth after every meal. Primary 1 and 2 classes are scheduled for tooth-brushing at the end of their recess once a week.

           Lets see who has the whitest teeth?

Health Education Assembly Programmes 

Assembly Programmes related to health are scheduled at least once monthly to promote health among pupils and raise awareness about the importance of cultivating a good healthy lifestyle. The programmes may come in the form of skit or talk, commissioned by the Health Promotion Board, to deliver important health messages to the pupils to equip them with knowledge through humour, entertainment and participation.

‘Dettol’ Show on Hand HygienePupils participating actively during the show