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Music Programme

The main objectives of the school’s  Music Programmes are:
  • Appreciate different genres of music
  • To impart school values through music education
  • To acquire skill and knowledge through music-making
  • To build confidence of pupils in singing and instrument recital
  • To identify and develop talents through the Programme for School-based Excellence

The Key Focus Areas of the school’s Music Programme in 2013 are:
  • Build confidence of pupils in singing
  • Infuse school values into music curriculum
  • Enhancing capacity of Music teachers

Programmes/Events Planned for 2013
  • Music Programme
  • Modular CCA (Performing Arts)
  • Creative expression programme
  • Music Week Programme
  • Ethnic Festival Community Singing
  • PSE Talent Identification Programme

Instrumental Music Lesson.jpgMusic and Dance Class.jpgMusic Lesson in Progress.jpg
P2 pupils in PAL music module.jpgP2 pupils using customized instruments during PAL lesson.jpgPercussion Lesson.jpg
Tambourine Dance.jpg