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PAL (Programme For Active Learners)

The school is privileged to be one of the Phase 3 schools that introduced the PAL programme to all Primary 1 and Primary 2 pupils in 2012.

It has indeed been an exciting and enriching year for school staff who were involved in the planning and organizing of the various PAL modules.

The PAL Committee is pleased to share that pupils have benefitted from their involvement in athletics and gymnastics modules and art and crafts modules in Semester 1 and dance and music-making modules and gardening as an Outdoor Education module in Semester 2.

We are glad to share that the key features of the school’s PAL programme; to provide all pupils involved in the programme a broad-based experiential learning; to allow for fun and creative expression; to develop confident individuals imbued with the desired social-emotional competencies, are conscientiously infused into the modules planned for the pupils.  

Mr Kwek Khiok Chai (PAL Co-ordinator)

P1 pupils during percussion lesson.jpgP2 pupils using customized instruments during PAL lesson.jpg
Reflection, a key component of the PAL module.jpg
P1 pupils taking part in a PAL creative dance module.jpgP2 pupils exploring with given materials as part of PAL sports module.jpgP2 pupils in PAL music module exploring sound making using everyday objects.jpg
P2 pupils in PAL music module.jpgP2 pupils monitoring the growth of their plants as part of PAL outdoor education.jpgP2 pupils tending to their vegetables as part of outdoor education lesson.jpg
P1 pupil developing confidence through PAL sports module.jpgP1 pupils overcoming challenges during PAL sports module.jpg