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General information

Absence During School Term

A pupil’s absence from school must be based on a valid reason. If a pupil is sick, the absence must be covered by a medical certificate from a doctor.
For other valid reasons, a letter from the parent/guardian with accompanying documents will be required. All pupils are expected to complete each school term and any request for pupils to return to home country early or for tours during school term does not constitute a valid reason. 

Class Timetable

A copy of the class time-table will be displayed on the door of each classroom. This will be updated whenever there is a change. Pupils are required to copy the time-table in their school diary.

Counselling of Pupils

Pupils with emotional / behavioural problems are referred to the Principal, Vice-Principal or the HOD (Pupil Welfare). Parents may be called in for conferences and home visits may be made to gain better understanding of the pupils and their background.  Parents are requested to keep to the appointed time.Pupils with behavioural problems may also be referred to see the school counsellor who comes on a weekly basis. (Every Tuesday and Thursday from 11.00am -3.00 pm)  Appointment has to be pre-arranged with the HOD(Pupil Welfare).

Co-Curricular Activities

As CCA is an important part of a well-balanced education of a child, pupils are expected to join at least one CCA the moment they reach Primary 3 level.Pupils will learn responsibility and discipline in their CCAs,and are expected to participate actively in order to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in the CCA.Consent forms will be issued to inform parents of the day, time and venue of the CCA. Parents are advised to keep the top portion of the form for reference.

Descriptors for Achievement Bands

Primary 1 to 4 Mainstream
Achievement Band Mark Range Descriptor
1 85 and above Is very good at the subject
2 70 - 84 Is good at the subject
3 50 - 69 Has adequate grasp of the subject
4 Below 50 Has elementary grasp of the subject

Primary 6 Mainstream
Grade Mark Range Descriptor
A* 91 and above Has very good understanding of the subject
A 75 - 90 Has good understanding of the subject
B 60 - 74 Has good understanding of the subject
C 50 - 59 Has adequate understanding of the subject
D 35 - 49 Has fair understanding of the subject
E 20 -34 Has elementary understanding of the subject
U (Ungraded) 19 and below Has not met the requirement for minimum grade

For Higher Mother-tongues and Social Studies, the grades and suggested mark range are as follows: 
Distinction = 80 and above
Merit = 65 to 79
Pass = 50 to 64
Ungraded = 49 and below 

Primary 5 - 6 Foundation
Achievement Band Mark Range Descriptor
1 85 - 100 Is very good at the subject at foundation level
2 70 - 84 Is good at the subject at foundation level
3 50 - 69 Has adequate grasp of the subject at foundation level
4 Below 50 Has elementary grasp of the subject at foundation level

Dental Services

The school has a dental clinic within the school compound. It provides free dental services for our pupils. Regular dental checks are carried out by the dental nurse. Parents are required to sign the consent form that will be given during the P1 Orientation Day if you want these services for your child. Tooth-brushing sessions are also conducted for Primary 1 pupils after recess. Classes are scheduled for these sessions.

Financial Assistance

Pupils may apply for Waiver of School Fee, Text Book Grant and Breakfast Coupons on grounds of financial hardship. The latest pay slip or income tax assessment returns of the parents or guardians must accompany all applications. Application Forms are available at the General Office.

Health Booklets

Every Primary 1 pupil has to buy a copy of the Health Booklet issued by the Ministry of Health.This should be brought to school when the School Health Team visits the school each year.Parents will be notified to sign the relevant pages before any injections are given. If the consent page is not signed, the injection will not be given and parents will have to take the pupil to the Institute of Health for the injection.


Upon admission to the school,all children should have been immunized against diphtheria, tetanus,poliomyelitis and measles. The Immunization Certificate should be produced when the health team visits the school.

School Smart Card (SSC)

Every pupil is issued a School Smart Card for concessionary travel on buses and MRTs. This card is also used to borrow books from the school library. Arrangements will be made for Primary One pupils to have their School Smart Cards made.This card will be used by the pupils from Primary One right up to Primary Six. Pupils will be informed of the date through their form teachers.

School Diary

Every pupil is expected to bring the diary to school every day. Homework and tests are recorded in the diary, and assessment marks should be entered in the relevant pages.As this diary is an important means of monitoring the pupils and communicating between parents and teachers,parents should make it a point to check the diary each day. Messages from teachers to parents can be written in the diary.Similarly, parents can use the diary to convey their concerns or questions to the teachers. 

School Transport

The school provides school transport services.
Supplier:    Mr Shawn Chua    
          Beng Tat Transport        

            48 Yunnan Walk            
Singapore 638178
Contact Information 67908834 
E-mail bengtat_transport@hotmail.com
Website:   www.bengtatbus.com

Parents who need the school transport please contact the bus operator directly.

Purchase of School Uniform

SUPPLIER: Mdm Yeo Kwee Huay

Ascencio Pte Ltd
Contact Information: Address: 120 Hillview Avenue #05-03 Kewalram Hillview Singapore 669594

Tel: (65) 67643102

Fax: (65) 67641032
WEBSITE: www.asencio.com.sg
E-mail: sales@asencio.com.sg
For Pupils

Monday, Wednesday and Friday (Except school and public holidays):

9.00a.m. - 3.30p.m.

(Closed between 12.00 noon and 1.00 p.m.)

 For Parents

Monday & Wednesday (Except school and public holidays):

11.00a.m. -12.00 noon

2.00 p.m. - 3.00 p.m. 

Friday (Except school and public holidays):

11.00a.m. -12.00 noon

2.30 p.m. - 3.30 p.m. 

Student Protection Plan

It is the school policy that every pupil must have an Accident Protection Policy to cover them for school activities. The school has purchased the School Accident Policy for every pupil using the School Fund. Parents need not pay for the protection policy. Details of the accident policy will be given to your child/ward through the form teacher. Claims can be made for injuries sustained by pupils,through school. Claim forms are available from G.O. You may contact HOD/Pupil Welfare at 6792 7163 for further details.

Visitors To School
For the security of all the pupils, all visitors are required to sign-in the visitors log book before proceeding to the General Office.
  • Please make an appointment with your child’s teacher if you wish to discuss matters with him or her.
  • Unless on official business or urgent cases, parents/visitors are advised not to see the teacher during his or her teaching period
  • Parents or visitors must obtain permission from the office before proceeding to see any pupil at the canteen. Teachers will only see parents during their free periods or before/after school in the office.

When Taking Your Child Home Earlier

When you need to take your child home earlier for any valid reason,please complete the ‘Permission to Leave School Early’ form available from the General Office.The school will not release your child unless the Release Form is signed by the respective teachers. Some form of identification will be required for security reasons.

PSLE Matters

The school has scheduled week 10 of term 2 and weeks 1 and 4 of the June holidays for focused remedial lessons. These lessons are important components of preparing for the PSLE. Kindly ensure that your child/ward turns up for the lessons. Attendance is compulsory. The lessons will be structured to help your child/ward in the weak areas in the four core subjects, English, Mathematics, Science and Mother Tongue.

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