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Homework Guidelines


Homework is an integral part of our pupils’ learning. Homework, when used appropriately, can reinforce pupils’ learning, provide feedback on their progress and cultivate a healthy disposition towards continuous and self-directed learning. The aim of this set of homework guidelines is to provide guiding principles and processes to ensure effective use of homework as complementary learning activities.


Value of homework

Homework enables pupils to regularly practise the skills and concepts they have learnt in school. This will reinforce their learning and deepen their understanding. They will develop good study skills and habits and gain greater ownership and responsibility for independent learning.

Teachers will be able to consolidate the learning that has taken place in class and review the effectiveness of lessons. They can check for pupils’ understanding and progress to provide timely feedback, intervention and support.

Parents will have timely information on the learning progress of their child and opportunities to support their child’s learning.


Considerations in planning homework

Homework given to pupils is carefully planned by teachers to bring about intended learning outcomes. The homework should:

·         Be purposeful and encourage critical thinking;

·         Be related to class teaching and learning;

·         Be explicit and clearly defined so that pupils clearly understand what is required of them;

·         Be within the pupils’ capabilities and developmental readiness;

·         Use material resources known to be readily available; and

·         Be differentiated, where possible, to meet different needs and abilities of pupils.


 Homework time

In order to nurture the holistic development of our pupils, we need to ensure they have a balance with adequate time for family bonding, social activities, personal interests and rest. We understand that there is a point of diminishing returns by giving too much homework; and homework overload may have detrimental effects on learning. Our school has worked out an estimated amount of time that pupils would spend to complete their homework assignments on a typical school day/week. Some pupils may require more or less time, depending on individual learning needs and styles.


Approximate Daily Time Norm

Proposed Weekly Time Norm

P1 & P2

0.5 – 1.0 hr

3 – 7 hr

P3 & P4

1.0 – 1.5 hr

6 -10 hr

P5 & P6

1.5 -2.0 hr

9 – 13 hr


Homework assignments will be kept to a minimal over festive periods occurring during term time, e.g.  Chinese New Year, Deepavali and Hari Raya Puasa. A spelling activity or a test will not be conducted on the school day immediately after the festive period.

When there are other competing demands such as CCA training or competitions, tests, and exams, teachers will be flexible on the dates for homework submission to enable pupils to better manage and balance their school life.



 All teachers will write homework assignments on the class whiteboard which pupils will also copy in their school diaries. If the homework is persistently incomplete or overdue, teachers will write a note to parents through the school diary or will contact parents through phone or email.


Roles of teachers  :

·         design appropriate and meaningful homework;

·         set realistic deadlines for submission of homework;

·         establish and communicate clear expectations to pupils on the purpose and procedure of homework;

·         coordinate with other teachers of the class on the frequency and quantity of homework to be given

·         assess homework and provide timely feedback to pupils;

·         provide timely intervention and support to pupils; and

·         engage parents on homework matters and provide them with information pertaining to pupils’ learning progress.


Roles of pupils:

·         understand the purpose of homework and what is expected of them;

·         keep track of homework instructions and deadlines;

·         manage time well to ensure that homework is completed and submitted on time;

·         give his/her best effort in completing homework; and

·         review feedback from teachers on homework submitted.


Roles of parents :

·         create a home environment conducive for studying and completion of homework;

·         supervise and provide support for child’s learning;

·         reinforce good study habits and attitudes;

·         be mindful of the stresses arising from too many out-of-school activities, and help their children prioritise their time among these activities; and

·         work in partnership with teachers to support child’s learning and development.


Monitoring homework submissions

Teachers will monitor homework submitted by pupils. Pupils must complete “late submissions”. Parents will be informed if there are pupils who persistently do not submit homework or are consistently late in their submissions.