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Our Identity

Our School Crest


The school crest was designed by Miss Peng Huijun, a former pupil, in 1988. The crest was designed to link Xingnan’s past with the future. The four red petals symbolize the four official languages taught in the school. The torch is the symbol of the old school. It signifies knowledge and enlightenment. The diamond outline which resembles a mortar board kindles in the young mind the thought of tertiary education. In 2006, to reflect the change in the primary education system from an 8 year course to a 6 year course, the crest was redesigned to include 6 bands, each indicating a year of study in primary school.  The phrase “Established 1932” was also included to remind all Xingnanians of our history and how far we have come.

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Our Creed

We, Xingnanians, 
Pledge to uphold our school’s core values, 
By being Responsible in our actions
Creative in our thoughts and belief 
Loyal to our school and country 
Respectful to our parents and teachers 
Compassionate to all others 
So as to achieve our vision of being 
Self-directed learners 
And gracious citizens. 
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Our School Song

Once a little village school it was but today an ultra-modern school
And we have the best facilities in Xingnan Primary School.

We will strive to always do our best in our studies and the CCAs
To be useful,loyal citizens and to love our Singapore.

We are proud of Xingnan Primary School and we're proud of our teachers too. 
We'll hold our heads up high, for country and for school.